Shredded Rubber Recycled Playground Surfacing

Shredded rubber is a loose-fill surface option that is made of 100% clean, ground, recycled rubber tires. It is non-toxic and free of metals. Shredded rubber is available in six colors to brighten your playground environment. The bright attractive colors and soft, inviting texture are attractive to children. Our shredded rubber surfacing product will not rot, does not absorb or retain water, and will not freeze. It carries a 50 year impact attenuation warranty, may be a lower cost option than other rubber surfaces, and can be installed by volunteers or an installer. It is also used as a long-lasting alternative to landscape mulch.

When installed to a compacted depth of 6", our shredded rubber surfacing will provide impact attenuation for critical fall heights up to 12'. Like any loose fill surfacing, shredded rubber requires some maintenance to keep it level.