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DWA Recreation is your go-to, one-stop shop for installing an aquatic playground or splashpad in Ohio or Kentucky.

Water Odyssey and the Fountain People were founded in 1987 with the goal of providing Architectural Specifiers with a complete package of products and services previously unavailable from a single source. Fountain People is now the country’s leading designer and manufacturer of architectural and interactive fountain equipment and systems.

Often referred to as a Sprayground, Splash Pad, or WaterPlay, an aquatic playground is a recreational area designed specifically for interactive water play. Unlike swimming , wading, or paddling pools, aquatic playground have no standing water. Aquatic Playgrounds improve public space and provide an ideal setting for family recreation.

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Advantages of installing an Aquatic Playground

  • Can be an option to a swimming, wading, or paddling pool.
  • Cost less to install than a swimming, wading, or paddling pool.
  • Cost less to maintain than a swimming, wading, or paddling pool.
  • Are safer since there is no standing water. There is no need for Life Guards.
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Why install an Aquatic Playground?

A community contemplating the addition of a recreational facility should consider an aquatic playground. Children have a natural affinity for water and Water Odyssey™ aquatic playgrounds provide them with a wholesome interactive play environment.

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​Layout & Design Services

The same creativity and imagination that goes into developing water play products for some of the largest theme parks is available for planning the layout of your facility. We do not take the place of your architect in project development, but we can assist the process by offering recommendations for the layout of feature arrangements that will best serve your needs. By assessing your vision for the water play project as well the budget, we can organize and specify the layout of water supply and return lines that will work best for your water play project.

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