Five Reasons Every Housing Development Should Include a Playground


Whether you are the head of your homeowners’ association or a developer designing a new residential neighborhood, planning for a playground is a solid investment. Playgrounds and recreation spaces attract quality tenants and homeowners, increase property value, and enhance quality of life for families.

GameTime works with housing developers, contractors, property managers, and HOAs to provide high-quality commercial playground equipment for residential neighborhoods. Read on and learn why adding a playground to a new or existing neighborhood is an essential step to creating a vibrant community.



1. Attract Families to Your Housing Development or Neighborhood

Families are essential to apartment complexes, single-family homes, and other residential properties. Families represent stability in a neighborhood and maintain residence for more extended periods. Property managers and housing developers know families are good for the housing business.

One sure way to attract families to your residential development is providing a place to play, socialize, and exercise. Even a small play system can make the difference between a family choosing one neighborhood over another.

2. Playgrounds in Apartment Complexes Build a Sense of Community

A single apartment complex may be home to hundreds of people, but living side-by-side doesn’t always mean people get to know one another. By creating an outdoor gathering space like a playground, you can encourage people from all walks of life to forge friendships and create a real community. When apartment neighbors know one another, they look out for each other.

3. Housing Development Playgrounds Increase Property Values

The American Planning Association reviewed 25 park studies and found nearly all of them showed parks, playgrounds, and outdoor recreation spaces directly contribute to increased property values. Another study found home values increase based on their proximity to parks and playgrounds. The closer you live to a playground, the more valuable your home may be.


4. Playground Equipment is a Sound Investment

The National Association of Realtors found in a survey that half of homebuyers would be willing to pay 10% more for a home near a park or playground. The National Association of Homebuilders estimates the median number of homes in new developments is 50. The average price of a new home in America is currently $400,000.

That means developers who invest in a playground could realize an additional one million dollars in sales per average new housing project.

5. Playgrounds in Residential Neighborhoods Enhance Health and Wellness

Numerous studies show children and adults who engage in regular physical activity have fewer long-term health issues. Playgrounds at apartment complexes and housing development playgrounds encourage families to play and be active. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 30 minutes of physical activity per day can reduce the risk of overweight and obesity, along with the health hazards related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Play Begins at Home

GameTime designs playground equipment that is easy for contractors and developers to install. With our patented DirectBolt connections, our play systems are compliant with modern standards when they ship from our U.S. factory. A leading warranty also backs them to provide families with peace of mind for decades to come.

Adding a playground to an apartment complex, new housing development, or existing neighborhood attracts quality homeowners and families. Playgrounds build a sense of community and enhance property values. And studies show children and families who engage in outdoor physical activity are happier and healthier.

To learn more about the importance of playgrounds for housing developments, contact the local GameTime play expert in your area.