3 Ways to Improve Wellness With Space-Saving Outdoor Fitness Equipment


Evidence shows when you take your workout outdoors, the benefits of exercise increase exponentially. The outdoor exercise (sometimes called green exercise) movement is a leading trend in communities because it enhances adult fitness while removing barriers to better health. One of the most frequent questions we hear about outdoor fitness is, “how can I build an outdoor fitness park if I don’t have very much space?”

We’re glad you asked! This article will explore three ways you can build an effective outdoor fitness space for children, teens, or adults in as little as 250 square feet! Read on and learn more about GameTime outdoor fitness equipment and our space-saving options.

1. Create Big Obstacle Course Adventures in a Small Space

Outdoor obstacle courses provide a wide range of benefits for children, from enhanced strength and balance to improved cognition and motor skills. GameTime offers three different outdoor obstacle course products that require much less space than traditional courses.

The Stadium®

Packed with ten fun and challenging obstacles, The Stadium from GameTime is a compact obstacle course designed for children ages 5 to 12. You can install it in a park, at a school, or as part of a playground in about 1,200 square feet. That’s almost half the size of an average play structure.

Collage of images from GameTime's Stadium obstacle course


When space and budget are a concern, KidCourse is an excellent option. Designed using traditional playground equipment like overhead ladders and climbing walls, KidCourse is an affordable way to keep kids moving. You can add a KidCourse obstacle course with as little as 1,000 square feet.


Challenge Course® 2000

GameTime pioneered the commercial outdoor obstacle course industry with Challenge Course in 2014. Hundreds of communities around the world now design outdoor obstacle courses using our Challenge Course obstacles. One of the most frequent requests from customers was a space-saving course option for both children and adults.

Challenge Course 2000 combines eight obstacles in a traditional linear-style course in about 2,000 square feet. That’s almost half the space required for the average Challenge Course. It’s available in both Pro (users ages 13+) and Youth (users ages 5 to 12) configurations.


2. Add Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Adults

GameTime outdoor fitness equipment isn’t limited to obstacle courses. Our history with outdoor fitness products goes back decades! One of our earliest products was an all-in-one fitness station that allowed multiple adults to exercise at once. The Adult Fitness Unit has seen many revisions over the years, but its small footprint (about 350 square feet) and low price make it a perennial favorite.


For communities who want a space-saving outdoor fitness equipment option, but prefer separate pieces of equipment, GTFit® products are the perfect fit. Choose from products that enhance muscle, aerobic, and core strength, along with equipment for balance and flexibility. By choosing multiple fitness equipment types, you can address all five elements of a well-rounded fitness routine.


GTFit gives you the flexibility to design a fitness area that works with your available space and budget. Create a small fitness area or add GTfit outdoor fitness equipment along a trail or walkway to encourage people to engage in different kinds of exercise.

3. Take Outdoor Fitness to the Next Level

For the ultimate space-saving outdoor functional fitness experience that addresses adults’ needs at all fitness levels, there’s no better option than THRIVE®. THRIVE combines multiple exercise stations in a compact design. Up to 20 people can exercise together in as little as 250 square feet!


THRIVE functional fitness systems come in three sizes to fit your space and budget. They include instructional signs with codes users can scan to watch demonstration videos. And we provide trainer-designed workout programs for each unit at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Better Health, More Options, Less Space

Outdoor fitness products can help you improve the health and wellness of children and adults in your community. Many communities worry they don’t have enough open space to add an outdoor fitness park. Still, there are many space-saving options for obstacle courses, gym-style fitness equipment, and functional fitness rigs.

Outdoor fitness parks encourage community participation in outdoor fitness classes, remove barriers to better health, and bring people together. If you’re ready to make outdoor fitness a priority, contact the GameTime fitness expert in your neighborhood today!

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