Take a Closer Look at The Stadium from GameTime


The Stadium® from GameTime is a compact obstacle course that packs 10 challenges into less than 1,200 square feet. For schools, parks, and other youth organizations that want to add an obstacle course experience but don't have space or budget for a large installation, The Stadium is the perfect fit! Let's take a look at the 10 challenges that make up The Stadium compact obstacle course.

The Stadium from GameTime has 10 challenges in 1,200 square feet

A Look at The Stadium from Above

Top down view of the Stadium obstacles

If we remove the optional integrated shade and take a closer look at the individual components of The Stadium, you'll see ten fun and exciting challenges. The Center Hub is surrounded by nine other obstacles that can be used as a single play activity or combined as part of an obstacle course. The Stadium allows children to begin and end anywhere they like, but we have a few course suggestions for different skill levels.

The Stadium comprises stadium rooms (semi-enclosed obstacles with multiple points of entry/exit) and walls (single climbing activities or obstacles). This configuration of walls and rooms allows us to combine all the obstacles into a single compact design.

1. Central Hub

GameTime Stadium Central Hub

This is a central multi-occupant climber with different types of climbing activities, including vertical and lateral climbing. It also serves as a social gathering spot. The center hub is used to attach stadium rooms and walls and create a complete obstacle course experience.

2. Floating Boards

GameTime Stadium Floating Boards

One of the favorite components of our original Challenge Course is the Floating Boards. They're an essential component of The Stadium, too! With three distinct routes of travel, over, through, or along the side, Floating Boards enhance balance, flexibility, and whole-body muscle fitness.

3. Agility Pods

GameTime Stadium Agility Pods

Enhance balance, coordination, agility, and problem-solving with these sturdy pods. They feature a soft-textured rubber surface that’s perfect for stepping or jumping.

4. Twisted Ladders

GameTime Stadium Twisted Ladders

This vertical and lateral climbing wall provides many different grip variations and climbing angles. It features a center rubber membrane with climbing grips. It's a challenging climbing activity that's adaptable for different fitness and skill levels.

5. Ledge Climber

GameTime Stadium Ledge Climber

This lateral climber is an upper-body fitness challenge with multiple paths of travel at various skill levels. The green, yellow, and red handholds denote the level of difficulty. Beginning users can use the tethered balance cable for assistance.

6. Sway Station

GameTime Stadium Sway Station

Cross the tethered balance beams as they move back and forth and side to side. The beams are linked with a rubber membrane positioned at transfer height for accessible and inclusive play opportunities.

7. Get a Grip

GameTime Stadium Get a Grip Overhead Ladder

Improve grip strength and upper body muscle development with this overhead ladder. Featuring multiple grip variations for increased difficulty. *Photo shows The Stadium with optional shade added

8. Mountain Climber

GameTime Stadium Mountain Climber

The Mountain Climber combines metal rungs, HDPE inserts, and a rubber membrane for a multi-faceted climbing challenge. It also features a ground-level accessible ring-trace activity, so people of all abilities to participate together.

9. Up, Over, and Around

GameTime Stadium Up Over Around

This versatile obstacle promotes balance and flexibility development. HDPE climbing surfaces with perforated metal accents create travel paths for the user to navigate up, over, under, through, and around.

10. Leaning Wall

GameTime Stadium Leaning Wall

This single obstacle provides three different climbing experiences and enhances developmental, physical, and cognitive skills. The combination of twisting and leaning ladders, an HDPE climbing wall, and elevated grip rails provide multiple routes and travel styles.

10 Obstacles, One Compact Design

The Stadium brings together 10 fun and exciting obstacles in a space-saving structure. Each of the obstacles is designed for users of different skill and fitness levels. Children can enter and exit The Stadium at any point they wish, or they can use one of our recommended course paths to compete with one another.

If you're interested in adding a complete outdoor obstacle course experience in a small space, contact us today!