Preschool Play Systems Designed to Enhance Childhood Development


Researchers have compiled an abundance of research regarding the positive impact of play on early childhood learning and development. Studies show a connection between creative and physical play and a child's physical, cognitive, and social development. Daycare and early learning centers incorporate play in their curriculum to enhance learning experiences.

Infants explore their world through their senses, including tactile and visual cues. Toddlers climb and explore their surroundings and engage in pretend and creative play. As children grow older (ages three to five), they develop fine and gross motor skills, social skills with their peers, and enhanced balance and coordination.

Dr. Stuart Brown, MD, recently blogged about the power of play in early childhood and how it shapes a person's long-term ability to express empathy, solve problems creatively, and adapt to changing circumstances in a healthy way to his own. Play is clearly important in shaping young lives.

Play Systems to Support Early Childhood Development

GameTime is committed to helping support childhood development through play. For preschool-age children, that includes creating play spaces that are age-appropriate and developmentally-beneficial with research-based activities that support social, physical, and emotional development.


A custom-configured ECHO play system for preschools


ECHO play systems incorporate climbing and sliding play activities with interactive elements that engage a child's senses. They are available for ages 6 to 23 months (Preschool) and 2 to 5 years (Toddler) and are constructed of durable materials perfect for high-use outdoor spaces. Both the Preschool and Toddler models include musical instruments and interactive panels and games to encourage social, imaginative play.

You'll also find climbers, tunnels, and slides that are just the right size for younger children as they develop gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Throughout the systems, tactile, visual, and auditory elements are used to engage a child's senses as they play.


For preschools, daycares, and worship centers that need a compact and affordable play option, GameTime developed TotStuff play systems. These adorable play structures are also available for children ages 6 to 23 months and 2 to 5 years.


Compact, fun, and affordable TotStuff play systems

Each TotStuff play system is designed for the way young children play. Climbers, slides, interactive panels, and musical instruments are all at appropriate heights to support children who are beginning to pull-up, walk, and explore their surroundings. We manufacture TotStuff systems in our 400,000 square foot facility in the United States with heavy-duty materials that withstand the elements and heavy use.

TotStuff play systems are more durable than store-bought playhouses and provide many more play activities. They're backed by the industry's leading warranty and come standard with sales and customer service support from a local representative in your neighborhood.

Freestanding Play and Shade Structures

To accompany your ECHO and TotStuff play systems, GameTime offers a wide range of freestanding climbers and swings for young children. We also have hundreds of freestanding shade options to keep the play area cooler and more comfortable.

You can also create an accessible play surface with our poured-in-place or rubber tile surfacing. These surfacing options are a great choice for preschool play areas where children are still learning to walk and explore confidently.

Support Early Childhood Development Through Play

As children grow, it's essential to offer play activities that address specific needs along a developmental continuum. GameTime's ECHO and TotStuff play systems address the unique needs and play styles of preschool children and support skills that last a lifetime.

To learn more and plan a preschool play area in your community, contact us today!