2021 GameTime Playground Funding Guide


According to a recent study, there is an estimated $360 BILLION (yes, with a B) available from funding sources for community play and recreation projects. Countless organizations across the country and around the world are contributing funding for playgrounds, but it can be difficult to sift through all of these options.

Read on and learn how GameTime's Playground Funding Guide can help you find the funding you need!

We Did the Playground Funding Research For You

Whether you need help securing funding for your school playground or community park, GameTime has you covered. We researched hundreds of state and national funding sources to help you find the funds you need. With over 60 pages of sources, the 2021 GameTime Funding Guide is a valuable tool for your fundraising efforts.

Find Funding For Your Park or Playground

Inside the guide, you'll find contact information for each source, the types of grants and funding awards they provide, and details on deadlines and submitting requests for funds. Don’t let a lack of funds stop you from building the playground of your dreams.

Playground Funding Help Is a Click Away

Request a FREE copy of the 2021 playground funding guide today. You'll receive a PDF copy delivered via email right away. If you have any other questions about planning and funding a new park or playground project, contact us today!